The Mermaids' Tears: Oceans of Plastic

The Mermaids' Tears: Oceans of Plastic HD
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Watch The Mermaids' Tears: Oceans of Plastic (2009) : Full Movie Online Free Every km of ocean now contains an average of 74,000 pieces of plastic. A 'plastic soup' of waste, killing hundreds of thousands of animals every year and leaching chemicals slowly up the food chain. In Holland, scientists found plastic in the stomachs of 95% of all fulmar birds. In Germany, plastic has been found to affect the reproductive systems of animals, while in the US, conservationists are seeing increasing numbers of dolphins die in agony, their guts blocked with rubbish. What will be the long term impact of this 'plastic pollution'? Can anything be done to clean up our oceans?

Release Date:May 21, 2009
Casts:Christiana Boerger, Gwendolyn Lattin, Habib Kharrat, Marcus Eriksen, François Galgani, Anna Cummins
Plot Keywords:ocean, dolphin, garbage, pollution, ecology, environment, science, statistics, short, whales

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