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Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) : In a small American town, a diabolical circus arrives, granting wishes for the townsfolk, but twisted as only the esteemed Mr. Dark can make them. Can two young boys overcome the worst the devil himself can deal out?

Release Date:Apr 29, 1983
Genres:, , , ,
Casts:Jason Robards, Jonathan Pryce, Diane Ladd, Royal Dano, Vidal Peterson, Shawn Carson, Mary Grace Canfield, Richard Davalos, Jake Dengel, Jack Dodson, Bruce M. Fischer
Plot Keywords:circus, witch, based on novel or book, lightning, dream, maze, elephant, clown, carnival, spider, black magic, decapitation, storm, tarantula, gothic, sideshow, child murder, autumn, lightning rod

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